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To be the industry platform to nurture, encourage, educate and support the needs of Filipino software start-ups.​​

To be a major contributor to the Filipino start-up ecosystem through awareness, education and enablement.


1. LaunchPad

    An exciting whole-day activity that helps participating teams cross the threshold between their

    software product idea and starting a software product business by integrating lessons from the Business Model

    Canvas and the Lean Start-up into a single practical event that can turn an idea into reality.

    The teams that are successful during LaunchPad events will get business development assistance from          through mentoring sessions.

    Mentoring sessions serve as a venue for teams and coaches to brainstorm on what each team’s next steps would

    be in terms of product development, marketing strategies, and validation. 

2. Philippine Start-up Challenge (PSC)

     A nationwide Student Start-up Competition that aims to involve academic institutions in the college level from all

     over the country. This was conceptualized together with the local start-up community stakeholders and major

     players in the industry to encourage and inspire students to create innovative and relevant ICT services that may

     also be viable business ventures.


     Prior to the PSC Finals, Lean Start-up Bootcamps for the teachers are conducted so to develop them into

     mentors who will guide the students throughout the PSC.


     The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) together with the PSIA are on the 

     search for the best Student Start-up Team from at least 50 universities. They will be selected, honed and judged

     at the PSC Finals.

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