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Industrial Structure

Who we are

The Philippine Software Industry Association is a non-stock, non-profit organization dedicated to driving the growth of the local IT industry in order to promote the Philippines as the preferred choice for software development services. The group is composed of 130+ seasoned IT businesses that run the gamut in terms of size—from small and medium businesses to multinational enterprises—and enjoys dedicated governmental support from the Department of Science and Technology. Cognizant of the importance of diversity as a key factor in any organization’s strength, the PSIA also features prominent players and Filipino-owned companies from abroad.


Since its establishment in 1988, the PSIA has collaborated with the government in the creation of initiatives and policies geared towards accelerating the growth of the Philippine software industry, thereby boosting its competitiveness in the international software scene. Through this, the Philippines made its name in the global market as an attractive and highly competitive off-shoring location.


To Drive the Philippine Software Services and Products Industry to attain and sustain Global Leadership in market share, mindshare and innovation.


  • Provide IT thought leadership and Represent the Best Interests of the Country in all strategic venues requiring Industry participation

  • Provide our Members with timely and accurate Information to help sustain their respective organizations while serving as the Gateway of Information for clients to appreciate and recognize the Philippine brand of IT

  • Create an Ecosystem that will nurture the Growth and Development of the IT industry for both products and services

  • Enhance Members’ growth and diversity by facilitating Business Opportunities through collaboration, communication and cooperation between members

  • Address the Challenge of creating and retaining globally competitive Quality Talent for the Industry

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